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Between "christmas and the end of the year"

Christmas tree
This year trip will be over soon, but we're past celebration of chtristmas to the end of the year, so this is the most imprtant history. As a christian we ask that we would use the moment to travel thank's to the christmas celebrations of the year ? or this year's travel history must be separated from the feast of the Christmas day ?

Christmas itself is a celebration of the events of the birth of Jesus Christ has become the human babies came into the world. "Jesus Christ carrying the mission of salvation of sinful world", so christmas is the way "the world not to forget about the coming of Jesus the first time to the world. Finally Christmas remainds everyone that this is the moment for us to be more personal and we know everyone that christmas "is the celebration of love" from within ourselves to everyone.

This is a different case with travel history. 12 mounts, 52 weeks and 365 days is the time where we are in a situation that is full of activity. Often in activities that give rise to confusion  or even conflict that are not completely solved or worse revenge, facts showed when entering the end of the year everyone always using this moment to throuw out and leave the bad situation and make peace.

Between christmas and the end of the year have showed that our lives as bound to the continuous or festivals or time. This became the first matter, we forget the purpose of our life as human being, the reason is simple we are not born as a matter of an event, or celebrations. But we are born as a fruits of God's gift. The second, Gods also does not come into the world because of celebrations or events or the end of the year ? He came on a special mission called LOVE (see the bible, Jhon 3 : 16).

Thus the conculssion that is, human safety is not a matter of celebration of christmas. or the end of the year. But what about the relation  of faith to God, "We would not be happy if without faith".

the finally, me and my family would like to said ; " congratulated celebrating of the christmas (25 December 2013) and a happy new year (1st January 2014)

Our Christmas Regard
Me, My Wife & Our Son Gloriano Moneste

If you like christmas song, this is our best christmas song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xS72M8UM9s