Kamis, April 9

CALL TO DEMONSTRATION : "End 50 Years Of Isolation West Papua"

Join us to call on the Indonesian government to allow free and open access to Papua for international journalists, humanitarian agencies and human rights organisations! 

29 April 2015, 12:00 noon, outside the Indonesian embassy, 38 Grosvenor Square, London W1K 2HW 

West Papua is one of the world’s most isolated conflict spots. For decades, indigenous activists campaigning for their rights have been arrested, disappeared, torture and killed. Local journalists who uncover the truth face lethal risks. Foreign journalists trying to report on Papua have been arrested, deported and even imprisoned. One by one, international humanitarian organisations have closed their Papua offices. Access for UN human rights observers has been closed for eight years. Until Indonesia lifts the repressive restrictions on access to Papua, Indonesian security forces and paramilitaries are free to act with total impunity, and indigenous Papuans will continue to be killed.

Demonstrators will be wearing all-black clothing to protest the media blackout in Papua. They will be carrying placards, some of which will be ‘censored,’ and have their mouths taped shut. This visual protest will highlight the absence of free and open access to Papua for international journalists and human rights observers.

We invite advocacy groups around the world to join our call to the Indonesian government to open access to West Papua. Let the authorities know that the world is watching and standing in solidarity with Papuans. Protest against this veil of secrecy and ask President Jokowi to make good his Presidential campaign promise of opening access to Papua!

Resources for this demonstration, including ideas for ‘censored’ placards and slogans (in English and Indonesian) will be shared via a Dropbox toolkit from 23 March. Please email campaigns@tapol.org for access to this toolkit.

If you plan to organise a demonstration in your country and would like to coordinate with us, please contact us at campaigns@tapol.org.

Please visit www.tapol.org to find out more about our work in West Papua.